The Supplex® Difference

So what exactly is Supplex®?

Supplex® is:

» Soft and supple
» Fully breathable
» Allows remarkable freedom of movement
» Keeps its shape, wash after wash
» Dries quickly for added comfort

Supplex® is a fabric made by DuPont that is a technologically developed material known for high quality athletic performance. Supplex® fabric is as strong as it is soft making it abrasion, puncture and tear-resistant as well as breathable, odor, wind and water-resistant. Besides giving comfort while exercising, Supplex® facilitates the skin’s natural breathing process and will not wrinkle, shrink or fade. It will expand 500% and shrinks back to original size after each washing.

What is so wonderful about the Supplex® fabric is its fusion of softness and stretch. You will be amazed at the stretch, excellent support and soft, natural feel that is designed to be comfortable while wicking moisture away from the body. It is for all shapes and sizes and truly compliments the body with its hugging fit. Supplex® is the perfect balance between fashion, function, comfort, and durability. It is also easily packed and makes the most comfortable travel wear. What more could you ask for – high fashion, high quality and great comfort!

The bottom line…..

You can play hard and rest easy knowing that you will always look fantastic when you show up in activewear from Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique….The Perfect Fit for Every Body!!