Sassy Pants Girls’ Night Out

Hi, I’m Donna Anthony, owner of Sassy Pants® and I want you to enjoy the benefits of introducing Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique to your friends.  Our Sassy Pants® Girls’ Night Out Program is a great way to do just that.  All you have to do is schedule a private party in our store, invite your friends and leave the rest up to us, including all party expenses!!!

“I love wearing my Sassy Pants®. It’s so comfortable. Everyone will ask me if I’ve lost weight…or just tell me that I look great! I shared my secret by being a Sassy Pants® Hostess. I got $190.00 in free Sassy dollars and bought a new outfit. All I did was give Donna my girlfriend list and she did all the rest. I love my Sassy Pants®.”
- Carmen D. – College Park, FL

The Girls’ Night Out Program is more than just an opportunity to have fun with your friends in a private shopping environment.  It’s a perfect way for everyone to experience the look and feel of Sassy Pants® clothing and see why it is truly a perfect fit for every body.  As the hostess, you are entitled to special benefits tailored to your preferences.

If you are interested in hosting a Sassy Pants® Girls’ Night Out, call me at 407-219-5399 or email me at to discuss the details.  Let’s  pick a date and a theme that suits your personality so that you and your friends can enjoy being Sassy!!