About Us

Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique is a unique retail shop located in the College Park area of Orlando, Florida that features women’s activewear, tennis wear, workout gear and accessories. What makes Sassy Pants® unique? According to Donna Anthony, its owner and creator, Sassy Pants® simply blends some very important elements into the shopping experience that are of interest to all women.

One important element and the first priority of Sassy Pants® is the commitment to helping women look and feel their best. Every woman, regardless of her age or station in life, wants to look and feel beautiful ALL the time. Most women have busy schedules and full lives and they tend to many other people and details in a single day. They don’t always make time for themselves and when they are fortunate enough to carve out a part of their day for working out or enjoying some other type of active interest, there isn’t always a lot of time to spend on getting pretty before they get busy with the errands or whatever the rest of their day demands. The solution is to wear clothing from Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique before, during and after that workout or other activity. It is comfortable, functional for high performance, upscale, fun and stylish enough to wear almost everywhere. It is also by far the most flattering activewear money can buy.

A primary goal of Sassy Pants® is to encourage women to look and feel their best whether they are enhancing their lives through fitness or just filling their wardrobe with fashions that make them look like they work out!

Exactly how does Sassy Pants® achieve that goal?

All the activewear featured at Sassy Pants® is made from a special fabric called Supplex® and that fabric is what makes Sassy Pants® activewear different from the activewear found anywhere else in the area. Donna fell in love with the fabric and just had to find a way to make it available in the Orlando area. “This fabric is so amazingly comfortable and flattering. You just won’t believe how slimming these pants are or how good they feel until you just try them on.” The pants look so small on a hanger but they stretch to 500% and then return to their original size after each washing. Sassy Pants® has clothing to fit all body types from dress size 0 to 22. “The biggest challenge is simply getting women to understand that our activewear is not just for skinny girls” says Donna. “No matter what shape a woman is in, these pants will make her look smaller and tighter.”

See “The Supplex® Difference” for more information about why Supplex® fabric is so special.

Another important element of Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique is its dedication to the excellent customer service that every customer deserves as well as a promise of special attention that every woman loves to receive. There are many places to shop in Orlando from the local specialty boutique to the malls and large chain stores so it is very important that each and every shopping opportunity at Sassy Pants® is exceptional. So naturally the Sassy Pants® philosophy is that shopping should be fun and easy and customers should feel like welcomed guests and friends of the family.

“My very first job was in a dress shop that had a special southern charm. It was owned by a husband and wife who trained all the staff to treat customers with warmth and respect. I have always enjoyed that type of shopping experience as do most people. I also believe that it is important to make people feel welcome and comfortable and I hope those qualities will bring customers back to Sassy Pants® when they are in the market for great clothing!” It is Donna’s commitment and promise that at Sassy Pants® Activewear Boutique customers will always receive a warm welcome and the special attention they deserve and enjoy.